From the sea

The Mendenhall Glacier from out on the water, as we were coming back from our second whale-watching tour.

A fellow suggested holding the camera lens up against the eye piece of my binoculars.
Makes a pretty good telephoto lens, albeit it’s hard to line it up exactly.

The drive over

Lupine, or Lupin, a member of the genus Lupinus in the legume family (Fabaceae).

Bear! Oh my!

This two-year old female is well known to the park rangers.

We were just a few feet above her on the walkway.

She pretty much ignored us.

Mendenhall Glacier

Because of whale-watching and lunch at Orca Lodge, we didn’t get enough time here,
so next cruise we’ll schedule accordingly.

The ice-bergs (calved off the glacier), as seen from up in the lodge.

The ice-bergs float away down Mendenhall Lake and out into the Inside Passage.

Because of our limited time, we were not able to hike down closer to the waterfall… Next trip!

Those little tiny black blips in front of the waterfall are people!

More evidence of glaciation. Notice the entrance cut into the rock at right – inside were elevators up into the lodge.

The melted glacier outflow makes lakes and ponds.

Explantory Signs